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You read it right. The numbers are correct.

Let me tell you a little bit about me, and if you wish to know more, I would love to meet with you in person.
My name is Marcos Semrik, and over the past 30 years I have founded factories, managed projects, saw through privatization processes of dozens of collective settlements (Kibbutz) & cooperative settlements (Moshav), worked with global businesses and built a career in business consulting, based on providing creative, innovative and original solutions for business of all kinds and sizes.


Thanks to my many years of experience, I have constructed a multidisciplinary work model, backed by a quality team of people who, with my guidance, put the solutions I design into an accurate and adequate practice.


These solutions are based on a business and financial vision, effective operations, upgraded manufacturing, acquisitions and logistics processes, appropriate human resources organization, image-based marketing and advertising strategy, and a control and supervision mechanism which oversees all operations and assures their quality.


In my years of work I have advised thousands of clients, and have taken a central part in the "Haifa 500" project, which helped the city's many businesses get back on their feet after the second Lebanon war. I have also consulted hundreds of businesses who used the services of the Business Development Center.


I am an architect of unique business solutions and an experienced manager. I carry out a multidisciplinary diagnosis for businesses and organizations, and my experienced team sees the application of the solutions through to their completion. I do not leave loose ends.


I never take the credit for success, but rather give it to the ones who succeed.
I always talk at eye level and emphasize the way, not only the outcome.
I always put the client in the center and devise a tailor-made improvement plan, which fits his measures exactly, and brings him to his goals.
I always reach the desired results with the client.


You can only gain.



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